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It is often said that the best podcast promotion strategy is producing quality content that readers find valuable. People often say, “Quality podcasts sell themselves, and the views would come.”

While this is true, podcast promotion is also a crucial part of the podcasting game. Podcasts are incredibly niche so you need to be intentional in learning how to promote your podcast. The views would only come when you have a solid podcast promotion strategy set up.

Utilizing social media channels or joining an advertising network like Podbean Ads marketplace is a great starting point.

In addition, there are some other things you can do to get the word out about your podcast show. Read below for several ways to promote your podcast and gain more listeners.

Method 1: Draft a listener persona

Effective podcast promotion is only possible when you know your ideal listeners. If you don’t know your audience, it’s difficult to reach them and produce content that will interest them. A quality podcast content strategy is essential if you’re competing for listeners in a more competitive niche. This is why you need a listener persona.

Know your audience’s age range, gender, popular profession, interests, geographic region, and common challenges. That way you can build better content.

Method 2: Increase the accessibility to your podcasts

Writing detailed podcast descriptions and giving SEO-optimized titles to podcasts can improve visibility on search engines. More listeners are likely to see your content and engage with it.

You can also write short notes for each uploaded episode. This can increase the podcast’s open rate since many listeners prefer a detailed summary before playing the entire episode.

Episode transcripts are another way to make your content more accessible for those with disabilities. Transcribing the podcast helps Google read the podcast content and will also help you to reach those with hearing difficulties.

Method 3: Utilize social media channels

The social media space is a virtual global world that you can leverage using the best podcast promotion strategy. With over 4.5 billion users, there is a high possibility of reaching new podcast listeners through social media. Some social media platforms include Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & TikTok.

Start by determining which platforms your target listeners use. For instance, LinkedIn might work best for professionals or industry experts. Focus on promoting your podcast show through your preferred platform. A recommended approach is hiring a content manager that can actively engage with followers.

Method 4: Network with other podcast shows

Collaborating with other podcast shows, preferably within your niche, is another proven way to promote your podcast and gain more listeners. We advise reaching out to podcasters with similar listener sizes, as they are likely to respond better.

A benefit of podcast networking is staying informed of the latest industry trends and cross-promoting selected internal communications podcast ideas. It’s simple – they promote your podcast, and you help boost theirs.

Podcast networking offers the chance to connect with more successful shows. It’s always a rare chance to learn from more experienced podcasters about the best podcast promotion strategies.

Method 5: Use email marketing

New show hosts looking for how to promote a podcast can consider trying email marketing. It’s a sure way to increase podcast listeners, assuming you can get potential listeners before launching the first episode.

You need an email list of people who have previously engaged in your online content. Use an email newsletter to announce what listeners can expect from upcoming episodes or share relevant tips and guides within your niche.

Giving out some valuable tips for free is a podcast promotional strategy that often encourages the target audience to subscribe and listen to your show.

Method 6: Set up a podcast website

Creating a podcast website is one of the many methods to promote a podcast. It will reach those who prefer written content over audio. Some podcast hosting services offer basic landing page features, but starting a podcast blog is also very effective.

Just transcribe your podcast shows into blogs and strategically place keywords in the headings, meta description, and main content but be sure to spread them evenly. Podcasting websites can even help you build an emailing list.

Method 7: Host contests or giveaways

Hosting contests and giveaways on your podcast is a proven way to promote your show and gain more listeners. Who doesn’t love free gifts? Giveaways don’t necessarily have to be cash or a product. Just ensure it’s something related to what you offer. If you’re a legal business or home services-related business, even a free consultation could work!

The basic idea is to engage present subscribers and listeners and use the podcast medium to attract prospects.

Method 8: Submit to podcast directories

Promoting a podcast show involves submitting the content to multiple directories. There is no maximum limit, and more directories increase the chances of getting listeners.

Start by creating an account with a podcast hosting platform like Podbean. You get an RSS feed, which you submit to popular directories like Apple and Google Play. That way, new episodes get automatically uploaded to each directory after launch.

Method 9: Invite guests and also feature as a guest

Inviting co-hosts within your niche as guests on your show is an effective podcast promotion strategy. It brings freshness and uniqueness to your podcast content. It can ignite curiosity among present listeners, and it’s also an avenue for the guest’s following to subscribe to your show.

Featuring as a guest on other shows in a related niche also introduces you to another audience. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with listeners interested in your work.

Pro tip: Inform guests when you finally upload their featured podcast episodes. They could repost the link and attract more listeners.

Method 10: Join online community discussions

Many podcast promotion guides would only teach how to upload your content on social media and every possible channel. But that’s not enough! It’s also a good idea to interact with online communities without sounding promotional.

Hence, joining community discussions online is a way to increase podcast listeners by offering valuable insights. Think of what benefits and solves your target audience’s problems. With time, they will recognize your brand, and promoting your podcast show will becomes easier.


There is no best way to promote a podcast. There are simply some best practices you can implement to promote your podcast and gain more listeners. It’s trial and error, so be open to experimenting to find what works best.

It all starts with creating quality podcast content. Promoting a poorly recorded show would be frustrating regardless of your podcast promotion strategy.

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