14 Amazing Apps for Small Business to Manage Your Team

Managing a team effectively is the cornerstone of business success. Luckily, technological innovation has led to an array of apps designed to help small business owners handle team management with ease, thereby freeing them to focus on other critical business aspects.

14 Amazing Apps for Small Business to Manage Your Team


For internal communication, Slack has proven to be effective. It allows real-time messaging, file-sharing, and even has integrations for other apps like Google Drive. While email is excellent for formal communication, Slack provides a more relaxed platform for quick updates and discussions.


A one-stop solution for scheduling, time tracking, and communication is Homebase. One significant feature it offers is the time clock, which allows for seamless clock-ins and clock-outs, along with managing breaks and overtime. This function is beneficial for businesses where hourly employees are prevalent, offering not only a paperless option but a transparent one. Homebase is well-suited for the restaurant industry, retailers, and other small businesses.


For those who are visual thinkers, Trello provides a card-based interface to manage projects. It uses boards, lists, and cards to organize tasks and projects. This makes it easier for everyone on the team to know the status of different projects and what needs to be done next.


Managing finances is an integral part of team management. QuickBooks offers a range of features from invoicing, to expense tracking, and even some payroll functionalities. It’s particularly beneficial for small businesses looking to keep all their financial data in one place.

Google Workspace

Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace is a set of productivity and collaboration tools. It includes familiar applications like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, allowing multiple team members to collaborate on a document in real-time. Its video conferencing tool, Google Meet, can be an excellent alternative to physical meetings, especially if you have a remote team. Google Workspace also offers secure email services through Gmail, a must-have for any business.


For businesses focused on customer relationship management, HubSpot provides a variety of tools for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. It gives you the capability to track interactions with customers and leads, manage your sales funnel, and even automate marketing campaigns. It’s an all-in-one solution for businesses that are customer-centric. HubSpot’s offerings can prove to be instrumental in retaining customers and acquiring new ones.


In the new era of remote work, having a reliable video conferencing tool has become more important than ever. Zoom has become synonymous with video conferencing due to its ease of use and reliability. The app allows for HD video and audio and can accommodate up to 100 participants in its free version. It also has features such as breakout rooms, which can be particularly useful for team meetings where smaller group discussions are needed.


For those in need of invoicing and accounting software, FreshBooks offers a robust set of features designed to simplify financial tasks. It’s not just an invoicing tool; it also allows you to track expenses, time, and even offers basic project management capabilities. For small businesses, managing finances can often be a complicated task, and FreshBooks helps simplify it. It’s particularly useful for freelancers or businesses that deal with multiple clients and projects.

Microsoft Teams

In a competitive market for workplace chat apps, Microsoft Teams has carved out its niche, especially among businesses already invested in Microsoft’s ecosystem. Teams offer chat rooms, video conferencing, file storage, and integration with other Microsoft Office tools. The app also features a host of third-party integrations, enabling a centralized workspace for team collaboration. If you are already using Microsoft Office products, implementing Teams could be a logical next step.


Smartsheet is a tool designed to enhance work management and automation. It provides a range of templates for different business functions like sales, marketing, HR, and operations. With its grid view, card view, and calendar view, it can accommodate different work styles and preferences. What sets it apart is its robust set of automation features. You can set up alerts, approval processes, and workflows that improve productivity without manual intervention.


Security is often overlooked in small businesses, but it’s just as important as any other aspect of your operations. LastPass is a password management tool that ensures you never forget a password again. It securely stores passwords and personal information, freeing you from the hassle of remembering multiple passwords. With features like password generation and the ability to securely share login information among team members, LastPass can significantly enhance your business’s security posture.


For note-taking and organization, Evernote is an invaluable tool. Evernote allows you to capture ideas, images, and voice memos, and you can even scan documents using your phone’s camera. All your notes are searchable and accessible from any device, making it easy to find that essential piece of information when you need it most. It’s particularly useful for brainstorming sessions, meetings, and capturing ideas on the go, which can be essential in a fast-paced small business environment.


When it comes to file storage and sharing, Dropbox is one of the most well-known solutions. It offers cloud-based storage, file synchronization, and collaborative editing through Dropbox Paper. The app is accessible from virtually any device connected to the internet, ensuring that you have your essential files wherever you go. For a small business, this could mean easier collaboration and less reliance on physical storage solutions.


For email marketing, Mailchimp offers a simple yet powerful platform for small businesses. You can create, send, and analyze email campaigns without needing specialized knowledge in marketing. With its user-friendly interface, it allows you to segment your audience, automate your emails, and even create landing pages. It’s an all-in-one tool for businesses looking to increase their customer base through email marketing.

Final Thoughts

Deploying the right applications can profoundly influence team management. These tools offer opportunities to harmonize multiple facets of management, leading to both time savings and elevated productivity.

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