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The world has become a global village due to communication and technology. Computers have drastically changed information storage scenarios. Now every sort of information is stored in computers for better access and editability. Even physical documents are digitized for effective storage, editability, and retrieval.

Manual digitization of text is a hectic task and human typists are susceptible to making errors. Thus programmers have developed specialized tools that can digitize any text within a few seconds.

Today, we will be talking about a specialized image to text converter,, that digitizes any text within a couple of seconds. The reason why we are discussing this tool today is its increasing popularity among users from around the globe. Today we will be reviewing this tool and digging deeper into its features, working, and uses.

So stay with us and learn to digitize your documents effortlessly!

Overview of

The is an optical character recognition (OCR) tool with the incorporation of AI technology. It is developed using machine learning programming and has its own artificial intelligence system that effectively extracts the text from the images. This picture-to-text converter online helps users digitize any document or text for free.

It works by identifying the text in the image and then converting it to e-text which is easily recorded and edited on your computer or laptop.

Features of

There are many features associated with this photo to text converter online due to its high-end system software. It is a professional text extractor that provides accurate results. Let’s have a look at its notable features:

  1. AI OCR Technology:

    As discussed above the tool is developed with AI technology and has advanced OCR models that effectively extract text from images online.

  2. Multilingual Extraction:

    This is a multilingual tool, the picture containing any text in any language will be converted to digital text online effortlessly. It can convert text in all the widely spoken languages of the world, so that any user can extract text in their native language accurately.
    Image to Text in Urdu Language

  3. Low-resolution Image Processing:

    This is an important feature that most tools lack i.e. the ability to extract text from blurry images. But this is not just any tool, it can effectively copy text from images even those with low resolution and blurriness. Surprisingly, the text extracted is 100% accurate which proves that it actually has advanced AI OCR models.
    Convert Blurry Text in Image Into Much Clear Text
  4. Handwritten Text Extraction:

    Handwritten texts are also difficult to extract due to variations in fonts and writing style. But this photo to text converter online can even extract text from handwritten notes, letters, applications, etc.
    Convert Handwritten Text in Image into Editable Text

  5. Image Formats Support:

    The pictures on our computers and smartphones are in various image formats. Most tools accept images in a specific format but this limitation is not attached to because it accepts all image formats. Some formats include JPEG, JPG, GIF, SVG, PNG, etc.

  6. Scalable Text Extraction:

    The picture to text converter online converts all sizes of images either small or large. The limit of an image size is 10 MB.

  7. Batch Processing:

    The batch processing feature allows a user to process a whole batch of images at a time. This is an appropriate feature for users who are running late and have a lot of documents to digitize. It processes 50 images at a time which is pretty much.

  8. Online and Free of Cost:

    This is an online tool that doesn’t require users to log in or register before using it for text extraction. Another important aspect of this image converter is that it is completely free and allows the user to extract as much text as he wants from images for free.

  9. Lightning Speed and Precision:

    The tool can extract text from images online with a great speed of a few seconds and even with such high speed the results are 100% precise which is an outstanding quality.

Working of This Image to Text Converter:

The working of the tool is pretty simple, any user with slight knowledge of a laptop can use it for text extraction. You can follow the steps provided below to extract text from images online:

  1. Click Picture:

    First of all, click the picture of the documents that you want to digitize and transfer them to your laptop or computer.

  2. Upload Pictures:

    Visit, you will see a dialogue box where you are supposed to input your images. Three input options are:
    • Copy and paste the images in the tool.
    • Drag and drop the images in the tool.
    • Browse the images from the computer.

      By using one of these methods upload your images on the text extract.

  3. Get Text:

    Once the pictures are uploaded, click the “Get text” button below and wait patiently for a couple of seconds. The tool will swiftly convert the images to text.
    Get Text from Images

  4. Compare Text:

    The text digitized by the tool and the text in the images should be completely similar to each other. Compare both texts to identify the accuracy of the conversion.

  5. Use Text:

    Once you are sure that the text is exactly the same copy of the physical text, copy it by clicking the double square icon on the bottom right corner of the dialogue box and paste it on the required document.
    Image to Text Converter

Simple and Fast!!

Uses of This Text Extractor:

This image to text converter is a very useful tool, let’s discuss its uses below:

  1. It is used by journalists to convert notes, press releases, and interviews to e-text.

  2. It is used by healthcare professionals to accurately enter patient’s info in the hospitals’ databases.

  3. It is used by publishers to digitize the physical books for e-readers.

  4. It is used by students and teachers to prepare e-notes, assignments, or presentations.

  5. It is used by lawyers to make digital copies of documents, agreements, and contracts.


After having a detailed look at, its features, working, and uses, it is quite clear that it is the best OCR tool for text extraction from images.

If you are looking for a text extractor this tool is 100% recommended.

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