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Exercise – A New Beginning of Life

Number of people around us are physically less active during their daily course of life. There are several reasons behind low physical activeness the prime and known reason is lack of exercise or irregularity in exercise. In this machine age machines have provided human ...Read More

Neck Pain Remedy

There are so many reasons for neck pain and some of them are spending long hours in front of the computers, reading long time without break, mental stress, and sleeplessness. If you need good remedy for long term irritating neck pain, the muscles around ...Read More

Swine Flu and Its Impact on India

Impact of swine flu on India, frankly speaking if India get affected the condition may be much worse because developed countries like USA are unable to control its spread that easily. If this kind of problem attacks India the economy of India will get ...Read More

Migraine Pain Causes and Remedies

In some people migraine may be occurring several times a month or year. Studies have estimated that 1 in 100 people suffer from the migraine. When compared to males, migraine affects more in females. This article is going to look how the migraine is ...Read More

Tips to Stay Cool

The people of India feel the country experiences two seasons, hot and less hot. So with the sun beating down mercilessly and the sweltering heat during the summer months heat cramps, heat exhaustion and Sun stroke are common. Talking about steps to combat the ...Read More