Crisp Sets Archive

Operations on Crisp Sets

As you may already know, Crisp Sets consists of well-defined collection of objects. Well-defined in the sense that the objects either belong to or doesn’t belong to a set. Here are some of the most important operations of Crisp sets: Union The union of ...Read More

Properties of Crisp Sets

Set Theory and Sets are one of the fundamental and widely present concepts in mathematics. A Crisp Setor simple a Set is a well-defined collection of distinct objects where each object is considered in its own right. Here are the 11 main properties/laws of ...Read More

Crisp Sets Explained

A set is a well defined collection of objects. Here the word well defined means the object either belongs to or doesn’t belongs to the set. Observe the crispness in the example definitions below: A = { Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome } B = ...Read More