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Calibration and Testing of Single-Phase Energy Meter

Our aim here is to calibrate the given Single-Phase Energy Meter using a precession Wattmeter and stopwatch using or employing phantom loading. The main apparatus required for conducting this practical experiment include: Single-Phase Induction type Energy Meter – 240V (5-10)A Wattmeter 300V/10A UPF Phase ...Read More

3-Voltmeter Method of Measuring Choke Coil Parameters

3-Voltmeter Method of Measuring Choke Coil Parameters:- The choke coil parameters we are going to measure in this 3-voltmeter method are – the inductance, resistance as all choke coils have inherent resistance in addition to their inductance. We also measure the quality factor and ...Read More

Measuring Low Resistance Using Kelvin Double Bridge

We aim to measure the resistance of a given resistor using Kelvin Double Bridge and determine its tolerance. Kelvin Double Bridge is nothing but a modification of Wheatstone bridge. It is used for measuring of low resistance to a good precision. It compares two ...Read More