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Apple’s iPad Tablets vs. Android Tablets

Most of the smart device owners are thinking, it’s just not a communication device but it shows individuals’ status symbol. So to make easy uses, tablet computing device manufacturers are competing to create more developed devices. Because of its developed operating system, greater functionality, ...Read More

iPad with Retina Display Began the Tablet Revolution

iPad with Retina display which was first released on November 2, 2012 began the new Tablet revolution and bundled with some more attractions it enticed the Apple lovers. Nearly 375,000 apps can be used in this new iPad with Retina Display. The internal storage ...Read More

6 Essential iPad Apps for Business Presentations

As tablets become more popular, more and more business people are taking advantage of their durability and the convenience of carrying tablets instead of laptops to work. Naturally, tablet makers are realizing their worth in a business setting and are creating more and more ...Read More

Top Lifestyle Gadgets of 2010

Technology has always been quite fascinating especially when it comes to the world of gadgets. Today, the gadget world has become quite dominating and popular, due to the technological advancements made and the vivid services offered. Based on consumer demand and expert reviews the ...Read More