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3 Methods to Restore iPhone XR from Backup

For some reasons, you might need to restore your new iPhone XR from backup. Maybe it’s because you meet some iOS system issue or data deleted accidentally. Whatever the reason is, there are 3 methods you can use to restore an iPhone XR. Just ...Read More

How to Fix Most Common iOS 11 Update Problems

iOS update is just like a double-sword as it brings people new features as well as troublesome problems during and after update, for example, software update failed, touch ID not working, data loss. A few days ago, Apple officially launched iOS 11, have you ...Read More

Best Way to Recover Lost or Deleted iPhone Data Quickly and Easily

Well, iOS devices including iPhone and iPad makes your life better by offering benefits such as Wi-Fi, video shoot, capturing of photos, playing music/songs, web browsing, send/receive emails/text messages, notes recording, GPS navigation, T.V, mathematical calculations, social networking and the list goes on. But ...Read More