Best Way to Recover Lost or Deleted iPhone Data Quickly and Easily

Well, iOS devices including iPhone and iPad makes your life better by offering benefits such as Wi-Fi, video shoot, capturing of photos, playing music/songs, web browsing, send/receive emails/text messages, notes recording, GPS navigation, T.V, mathematical calculations, social networking and the list goes on. But what if you lose all its data to mishappenings that may be a deletion, formatting, factory reset, jailbreak, iOS update, iPhone locked/lost password, or anything else. In such a scenario, your prime necessity would be nothing but to recover the lost iPhone data quickly and easily.

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For this, you can use a third-party tool, and Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone would serve the purpose as it is a top prominent class iPhone and iPad data recovery software.

So, after you have downloaded, installed, and registered the software, follow the steps below to recover your lost or deleted iPhone/iPad data successfully.

A Few Quick Steps for iPhone Data Recovery

Start the software by giving a double click on it. On its main screen, you will get the following options to recover data:

  • Recover from iPhone – Select this option to recover data from the connected iOS device.
  • Recover from iTunes Backup – Select this option to recover data from iTunes backup file.
  • Recover from iCloud Backup – Select this option to recover data from an iCloud backup file.
  • Import file to iPhone – Select this option to import file to your iOS device from the system.

iPhone Data Recovery Software - Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone main screen with options to Recover from iPhone, Recover from iTunes Backup, Recover from iCloud Backup, Import file to iPhone. Select the desired option you wish to perform

Option 1: Recover from iPhone

  1. Connect the iOS device to your system and select ‘Recover from iPhone.’ Once you have selected this option, the software will analyze the device.
  2. After a successful analysis, the application will scan the device for data, and a tree view will be displayed in the left pane of the tool’s interface.
  3. Select the Supported File Type under the listed iOS device and preview all the items stored under it.
    Note: Deleted files are showcased in red while others are in black color.
  4. In the preview window, select the files you wish to recover by placing checkmarks in the checkboxes checking the relevant boxes and click on the Save button.
  5. In the Save Files dialog box that appears, select either Save to Computer or Save to iPhone
    • For Save to Computer, browse location on the location disk to save the selected files and click on the OK tab.
    • For Save to iPhone, select the iOS device and click on the OK tab.

Option 2: Recover from iTunes Backup File

  1. Select ‘Recover from iTunes Backup’ option on doing which all the iTunes backup files on your system will be enlisted.
  2. Select an iTunes backup file from which you want to recover data and all the file will be scanned and listed.
  3. Select the files you wish to save and click on the Save button.

Option 3: Recovery from iCloud Backup File

  1. Select ‘Recover from iCloud Backup’ option.
  2. Enter the Apple ID and Password to get a list of all available iCloud backup files.
  3. Select the desired backup file and start the scanning process.
  4. Preview all files that can be recovered.
  5. Save all or selected files to the desired location by clicking on the Save button.

Option 4: Import file to iPhone

Once the iPhone data recovery process is over, you can import the files from your system to your iPhone or iPad.

Why Use Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone?

Download Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone - Recover Deleted Data from iPhone Quickly and Easily

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone is a software that can recover all your important iPhone data that you value no matter whether they are deleted, lost, formatted, or have become inaccessible. It can also recover and restore your Call History, Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Music, Notes, Calendars, WhatsApp, Safari Bookmarks, Viber, Tango, Voice Memos, etc. thus covering all data that you store in your iOS device. Next, it can recover data from iTunes and iCloud backup files including encrypted iTunes backup files that not similar tools from the competitors provide which gives it an edge over other competitors. Also, it allows you to perform selective data recovery so that you are not bound to save all files but only the required ones. This iPhone data recovery software also provides a preview of the recoverable files before you save them. All in all, it is an intuitive, safe and reliable software that you can bring to use anytime you face data loss issues on your iPhone or iPad.

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