5 Smartphones That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Smartphones are meant to make your life better. The wide range of features offered by the new age smartphones would make your life easy in all forms. These smartphones can be your friend, assistant, GPS, TV, and many other things that would support you in different ways.

There are many different smartphone models to choose from. Whether you are looking for free phones when you switch or if you just want to buy the best and the most convenient smartphone, here are the 5 smartphones you must consider buying that will actually make your life better!
5 Smartphones That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

5 Best Smartphones 2017

1. iPhone 7 Plus

Nothing can match Apple in terms of features and that can be witnessed in iPhone 7 plus as well. Those who are well-versed with iOS would love to work with this phone. The cost is surely on the higher side, but if it suits your pocket then nothing can match iPhone experience. Apple iPhone 7 Plus Gold
It comes with new Portrait feature to get the best photography experience that would focus only on what you want to focus and nothing else. The stereo system is also 2 times louder than the previous iPhone series and that makes it complete entertainment device.

And of course, you have a huge range of iPhone 7 plus mobile flip cases and back covers in the market that will make your mobile look more beautiful and save it from any breakage.

2. Samsung Galaxy S8

This surely gives a tough competition to iPhone. The best pick for the Android lovers comes with infinity display with rounded edges. With maximum screen cover, this Galaxy S8 becomes an ideal device to watch movies and videos. Samsung has used most of the space in providing display and hence there is no space left for the Home button. Best Smartphone - Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 Plus However, smartphone giant has not moved the home button from its usual place and hence placed a sensor in the lower part of the skin that vibrates just as you have pressed the home button. Tired of fingerprint detection? This new mobile comes with face detection for security.

3. Motorola Moto X Force

This phone from Motorola is durable and refreshing. You don’t need to be very gentle while handling this phone as it comes with unbreakable screen. You may not get the same features as Apple and iPhone, but is much better a phone in terms of value for money.

This mobile comes with 64 bit Snapdragon 810 CPU and 3 GB RAM that makes it one of the fastest phones under Motorola brand. This Motorola back covered with a Black Nylon and comes with a trapezoid cross section. The phone comes with all practical features.

4. LG G6

This bezel-less phone is grabbing all eye balls. Dual camera phone is handy and easy to hold. The phone has stunning looks and one of the best under LG banner. It comes with Dolby Vision technology that makes it great phone to watch movies.
LG G6 Smartphone
The Multi-Window feature displays two apps at the same time irrespective to the screen orientation. The phone is meant to offer best user experience.

5. Google Pixel

Google has penetrated in all sectors of life that also includes smartphone manufacturing. This phone is in close competition with Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 plus. It supports Google’s virtual reality platform and would take you to the whole new world.

This phone can be used with virtual headset to enjoy movies and games with whole new vigor. Pixel camera and smart storage make this phone one of the best smartphones.

Above 5 smartphones are loaded with features and one can have any of these based on the budget to make life easier.

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