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A Guide to Radar Detectors

If you haven’t come into contact with radar detectors before, you should know that radar detectors are used to warn you if any police are in the vicinity. More specifically, a radar detector will let you know if there’s a police officer monitoring your car’s ...Read More

Best Radar Detector Under 200

Imagine this scenario – You are driving on the countryside in peace. The speed limit is 60 but there is a long highway without any kind of traffic jam or anything, just a few cars around you. You might want to speed up a ...Read More

8 Must-Have Travel Gadgets

Toothbrush, extra socks, comfortable shoes, travel itinerary what’s your suitcase missing? These days you’re not fully packed until you’ve included some of the most innovative recent travel apps and devices. From the travel planning to the packing, there’s much to do before you head ...Read More