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What is a Cloud Based Virtual Phone System?

Have you been wondering what a cloud based virtual phone system is? In this article, we will answer this question, as well as show how modern businesses can benefit from a cloud based virtual phone system that is quickly revolutionizing how organizations are run ...Read More

The Emotional Impact of Technology On Our Lives

Technology has usually been associated with people who are nerds and have a fascination towards programming languages. However that stereotype has changed over the years as technology has now become an integral part of today’s society with the increase in smartphones, tablets, greater access ...Read More

Time to Junk POTS (Plain Old Telephone Systems)

Cloud telephony is becoming commonplace and it is time for the fence sitters to dump their POTS (Plain Old Telephone Systems). But the million dollar question is how does one come to know that it’s time for them to take the big technological leap? ...Read More

VoIP and 911

911 is the emergency phone call system used in North America. This 3-digit number is established to promote a quick response to emergencies such as fire, kidnapping, burglary and other crimes. This special code started in 1968 in North America using landline phones. Later ...Read More

IP Telephony – Internal Training Requirements

Many enterprises nowadays have already found the comfort of the services brought about by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), because of the many benefits the service offers. Companies with over one hundred employees that are paying huge bills in communication expense alone have found ...Read More