DDoS means…

Spam mail is well known to all E-mail users. Targeting this spam on a large scale on a network and making it to halt is nothing but Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). The name distributed is given due the fact that the attack is done from different computers. This Notepad can be performed on a Routing web, E-mail, Domain name system servers etc.

A DDoS attack causes different types of loses to the network. The foremost effect is the denial of any further traffic to the network because of the overload. Unable to cope with the huge incoming traffic which is much more than the victim’s handling capacity, the servers usually give up their service and get to an halt and won’t let any more traffic or request to that network.


This attack can also be done targeting on some particular sites making it inaccessible for some users under a network. DDoS attack was first traced in 1998 and now a days its a common thing happening on internet. Especially hackers and political hatred people perform this attack intending to destroy a company’s site or organization. If done on a large scale with careful and precise coordination it can swipe away entire internet facility of a country.

Once DDoS attack has happened its very difficult to overcome it. So its better to fight it easy way before its started. As prevention is better than cure, its easy to prevent DDoS attack from happening by having a close check on the heavy traffic. Its better to stop the heavy spam traffic coming to the network before it overloads the network and destroys its stability and thus cause DDoS. Internet service providers are of a great help to overcome this DDoS attack.

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