B-Membrane Computer that Looks Like A Wizard Hat

It’s a pretty cool idea from “B-MEMBRANE” to design a PC that looks like an old hat. Taking the bulky monitors right out of the equation, the designer: Won-Seok Lee from North Korea has equipped the PC with a built-in beam projector-placed on top of the circular body that can project the picture on a wall or any smooth surface. All you have to do is to bend and point the omni-directional projector onto any smooth surface for the display.B-Membrain Computer
It’s powered with Intel Core 2 Duo and other wonderful features include:

  1. Keyboard that appears when needed that is sensitive and soundless.
  2. Integrated optical drive.
  3. Projector that can also beam ambient light effects on any surface.

B-MEMBRAIN Hat Computer  B-MEMBRAIN PC projector Optical Drive
Although the round bottomed keyboard may be little frustrating to get acquainted, the smart design features and pretty looks can make this PC popular as soon as its gets launched in the market.

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