Full Web for Your Mobile Phone @ TeaShark

TeaShark is a java based web browser that makes web browsing on your mobile phone simpler than ever. with superb usability and performance, TeaShark can make the web browsing a treat to all mobile users.

Some of the wonderful features of TeaShark that makes it standout are:
# Full Web for your mobile phone
All your favorite sites can be the same on your phone and the desktop as TeaShark renders web pages the same way as desktop browsers.
Full Web for your mobile phone

# Intelligent mouse for easy navigation An intelligent mouse with arrows makes the navigation between links and pages more easier. Also with page up and down, left and right shortcuts you can navigate as fast or slow as you need.
Intelligent mouse for easy navigation

# unique 2-level zooming
TeaShark supports 2-level zooming, first one for line scrolling when reading and the second is for quick jumping from section to section. unique 2-level zooming

# Landscape browser view
You can rotate any page 90 degrees and switch to landscape view for more natural feel. This will be particularly helpful while watching a video or pictures.
Landscape browser view

# Multiple tabs and history
Same as desktop browsers like Firefox, TeaShark also support multiple tabs and switching between these tabs is quicker and easier with just few clicks. TeaShark can also remember your last session so that you can continue your browsing from where you have left it last time.
TeaShark Multiple tabs and history

Besides these TeaShark supports many other useful features such as:

  • Bookmark management with color tagging
  • Smart web address entry
  • Find text
  • Built-in web search
  • RSS reader
  • In-line editing
  • Enhanced click and search

Above all it is absolutely free to use.

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