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Why Offline Shopping is FUN with FRIENDS:
Most people prefer Offline shopping as they can interact with their friends, discuss about the product they wanna buy and have fun.

shopcorn online shopping  shopcorn online shopping

shopcorn online shopping  

unlimited Fun shopping offline with friends

Why Online Shopping is Boring
During Online shopping you have no one to guide you to the better product and it also lacks the fun and interaction with your friends.

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shop with PC

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How Shopcorn can make Online Shopping Fun again Now, to lessen this gap between Offline & Online shopping and make Online shopping almost as enjoyable as Offline shopping with your friends, Shopcorn is being introduced in India & UK.

Shopcorn is The India’s first Social Shopping Community mainly intended to make Online shopping fun and productive. It is a perfect combination of Social network & Online Shopping at one place.

With its wide range of features you can be assured of buying the product that fits to your need at the cost affordable.

@ Shopcorn:
-> You can do text, voice and video chat with fellow shoppers
-> Read and Write Live Reviews
-> Watch and Upload Product reviews
-> Read and Write Product Blogs
-> Participate in Product Q n A
-> Pick the Good deal and Kick the bad deal and make only best deals remain
-> Participate in deal challenges

various unique features of Shopcorn include:
# Deals Box
# Deals Challenge
# Community Section
# Profile section

Deals Box: This is a User generated Shopping section
Freedom : Users can upload deals from any website like Rediff.com, Inditimes.com, Shoppersstop.com etc. on Shopcorn.in

Interactivity : Other users can then see these deals & talk about the same using the Comments section and Text-Voice-Video Chat feature

Power : Users has the power to Pick a Good deal & Kick the Bad Deal. This way only the best deals remain on Shopcorn.in

Deals Challenge : When similar deals are uploaded, they automatically becomes the part of a Challenge. This way users can compare prices of the same product available at different merchants.

Community :It has three sections :
Blogs : Read blogs written by other users or write your own

QnA : Participate in Questions & Answers to get to know about the products & services of merchants. Ask questions to get answers by fellow shoppers.

Videos : Upload videos from YouTube or check out the already uploaded videos. The videos consists of Product Advertisements, Product Reviews, Movie Trailers etc. You’ll find relevant videos alongside the Deals, this will help you to take a better buying decision

User Profile : Tell the world about yourself using your exclusive Profile Section.
-Send / Receive scraps
-Write about yourself
-Add friends
-Add videos & pictures
-Add favorite deals
-Participate in Question Answers (Q&A)
-Read & Write blogs

Thus @ Shopcorn Online Shopping is FUN AGAIN

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