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CENDOO is a Switzerland based new Social Network site combining Business and Lifestyle. It aims to bring highly qualified networking for full aspects of life under one platform.
Your Life's Network - CENDOO 1
Some of the interesting possibilities CENDOO Social Network offers include: -> Virtual access to exclusive knowledge and valuable contacts.
-> Presentation of attainments, products and services.
-> Creation and participation in interest groups.
-> Events, meetings and workshops (real and in the web, live and on demand)
-> Exchange of experience, knowledge and know-how.
-> Allocation, Evaluation and usage of information (documents, audio, video)
-> Sorted, selected and on-demand composed information etc.,

It is free to use as a standard member and costs 90 Euro for 1 Year Premium upgrade. I came to know from my friend Beni Herter that CENDOO also offers premium members to earn around 40 Euro when someone joins under them and upgrades to premium.

This feature of revenue sharing on referrals is a flop in almost all the newly introduced social networks, one of the best example of it being ZENZUU.
So, time can only decide how genuine money making using CENDOO referral program is..

Few days back I have joined CENDOO under Free Membership, and as far as the interface is considered, its cool with lot of handy features. As you can see on my profile page below, it supports larger images. This is one of the features that impressed me on CENDOO at first sight.
Your Life's Network - CENDOO 2

Click Here To Create Your Account and join me @ CENDOO.

After logging to your account, using the search bar on top right corner of the profile page, you can search your friends and add them. To add me as your friend search for ramaraobobby.

With all the cool features it has to offer, its worth joining CENDOO. Also don’t forget to add me as your friend as soon as you join CENDOO.

Here is the brief Intro of CENDOO presenting almost all the features it has to offer:

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