How-to Find Contact Email of Any Blog/Site Owner

Wanna inform a website owner of a problem?
Wanna report about copyright violations?
Wanna ask some queries or report a bug! or
You may want to contact a blog owner for a link exchange.

Whatever may be the case, if the blog/site doesn’t have a contact form or Webmasters e-mail specified, it is a difficult task to reach them.

But now with the help of CTOWNER.COM you can find the contact email of any self hosted blog/site owner. CTOwner allows you to find a webmasters email via the Whois records that all domain names must have. It also provides you a quick and easy form to contact that site owner.

-> First type the URL of the webmaster you want to contact in the blue box at the top of the site and Then click ‘Go And Contact Webmaster’
Contact that owner
-> Then You will be getting a contact form with the ‘To address’ filled with email id of the site owner that is used during domain registration along with other fields to mention your identity details and send the message.

Here is the snapshot of the contact form resulted from searching the contact email of webmaster contact Bloggersbase site owner

From the day I came to know about this contact site, it helped me a lot to directly contact the webmasters. So I thought of sharing this with you.

Note: Don’t use this to send spam messages.


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