SanDisk 64GB X4 Flash Memory Chip USB Drive

SanDisk Corporation, the inventor and world’s largest supplier of flash storage cards has unveiled its new series of Ultra Backup USB drives with maximum capacity of 64GB which is the highest capacity in the industry and suitable for the most demanding storage applications. SanDisk 64GB X4 Flash Memory Chip USB Drive SanDisk has co-developed this 64GB 4-Bits-Per-Cell(X4) flash memory chip based on the latest 43 nanometer technology with Toshiba Corporation, which cooperates with SanDisk in the development and manufacturing of advanced flash memory.

These highest capacity and highest density flash memory chips in the world claims to revolutionize storage applications for music, movies, photos, GPS, games and more with its 7.8MB/sec memory write performance that is comparable with current multi-level cell technologies. SanDisk’s patented All-Bit-Line (ABL) architecture as well as the newly introduced three-step programming (TSP) and sequential sense concept (SSC) serve as key enablers to X4’s impressive high performance.

Besides 64GB, these ultra backup USB drives are also available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB with a price that ranges between $39.99 to $199.99 for different capacities.

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