Windows Screen Capture Software EasyCapture Vs Print Screen

You already know how to capture the screen in Windows using ‘Print Screen’ key form keyboard. It only helps you to capture the full screen but it doesn’t suit especially to those situations wherein you want to capture a particular region or object on the desktop. Providing not only this but many more powerful and easy-to-use features, EasyCapture is the best windows screen capture software.
EasyCapture screen captureWith its wide range of capture features, you can capture any or all the objects on the desktop depending upon your necessity with ease. You can also define a hot key for each capture feature as shown in the figure.
>EasyCapture screen capture features include:

1) Capture full screen

2) Capture region

3) Capture object/window

4) Capture scrolling window

5) capture active window

auto-file-saveBesides just capturing and letting you save the captured image, it also has the feature of auto file save using which you can save the captured image automatically to a predefined location with a default name. You can access this auto-save feature from ‘Capture settings’.

Moreover it has some nice collection of photo editing tools with which you can change the settings of the captured image. The captured image files can be saved in BMP, GIF, PCX, JPEG or PNG format.
EasyCapture supports Windows 2000, WinXP and Windows Vista.

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