Tweaking Acrobat Reader to Load Faster

Today with the increasing use of internet, PDF files have become the most popular and widely used. It may be due to its support to high resolution pictures and 2D vector graphics or the level of security it offers to the content making it unedited, these PDF files can be found all over the internet.

Adobe Acrobat Reader which is the default and most popular application used for PDF files is being neglected by some these days because of its slow loading speed and are seeking the alternative of Foxit reader which is not as good as an application as Acrobat Reader is. (if you don’t agree feel free to comment)

So, here is the small tweak with which you can speed-up your Acrobat reader and enjoy all its incredible features.

1. Open the Acrobat installation folder (by default it is located @ C:program filesadobe)where you can find two directories named ‘plug_ins’ & ‘Optional’

2. Now, all you have to do is to move all the files and folders from the ‘plug_ins’ directory to the ‘Optional’ directory. (Do cut & paste NOT copy & paste).

Note: Make sure acrobat reader is not open when doing this or else you cannot move the files are they are being used by the application.

That’s it!! Now try opening your PDF files using acrobat reader and you will find it loading almost as fast as notepad.

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