Enhance your Windows PC with Registry Mechanic

Windows registry is the common reason for crashing of the computer, lowering performance and frequent errors massages. Registry Mechanic for Windows is an award winning registry cleaner for fixing Windows errors and enhancing the performance of your computers.
Enhance your Windows PC with Registry Mechanic 1
This amazing tool helps you to clean, repair and optimize the registry of your computer in no time with few clicks! This advanced registry for windows not only fix and repairs but also helps to boost the overall performance of the computer and keeps it error free.
With the Registry Mechanic you can make your computer stable from frequent errors and registry related problems. This tool also helps you to enhance the performance of your computer without any expensive hardware changes or upgrades. Registry Mechanic is secure and easy to install. With user friendly interface in no time you can scan the entire registry. The software checks for any invalid entries and provides with list of errors found in the registry then you can choose to clean the specified items. A backup copy is created automatically of the repairs which lets you easily recover the previous data and switch over to the previous changes made.Enhance your Windows PC with Registry Mechanic 2The Registry Mechanic software uses an advanced high performance algorithm for the detection of the errors which makes it easy for the software to detect the missing files and invalid references in the Windows registry. Registry Mechanic supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system.

Registry Mechanic for Windows is low priced and is valid for up-to 3 computers.

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  1. Besides being an easy to use and effective registry cleaner, PC Tools Registry Mechanic has also an additional feature, which many similar softwares don't: registry compacting. This additional feature optimizes the registry by removing gaps and wasted space within the registry itself, thus improving the system performance furthermore. Great tool to have.

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