Samsung Q45 LXD T7100 – Ultimate in portability

Performance and mobility are two sides of the Samsung Q45 LXD notebook. This notebook comes with stylish compact design and high tech features which makes it portable and user interactive.
Samsung Q45 LXD T7100 Laptop
This light weight notebook uses the latest technology Intel Centrino Dual Core 2 processor for its processing and supports Windows Vista for smooth GUI interface between users and notebook.

Samsung Q45 LXD T7100 comes with the new multi-format DVD burner by which the users can burn DVDs in no time. The notebook also features 160GB of storage capacity and 2GB of RAM of type DDR3 which enhances the overall performance of the notebook and increases the speed of the applications.

Samsung Q45 LXD T7100 comes with other key features like memory card slot which supports SD, MS, MMC, XD and PRO type of memory cards, frontal 1.3 mega pixel camera for easy video conferencing or live messaging, 128 MB graphic controller for running high end graphic programs, Bluetooth version 2.0 connectivity, Wireless LAN for easy internet connection, Enhanced sound quality with inbuilt stereo speakers and an amazing battery life of up to 5 hours and it costs around $1500.

With the unique features of Samsung Q45 LXD T7100, Samsung Computers is developing quite an interest amongst the tech-savvy users.

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