Sony SemiPro DCR VX2100E Handycam

The new Sony SemiPro DCR-VX2100E handycam from Sony computers is loaded with high quality professional video recording and latest technology.Sony SemiPro DCR VX2100E Handycam 1 The handycam is built with the latest technology Hole Accumulation Diode (HAD) CCD progressive scan features which delivers an exceptional low light performance quality to the video. The users can enhance the video and image quality by making it brighter and giving various effects to it. By mounting CCD’s sensitivity to light, the user can have crisp clear videos with life like color reproduction.

Sony SemiPro DCR-VX2100E comes with an excellent 12x optical zoom and 48x / 24x digital zoom for capturing the video of distant places. The recording aspect ratio is 16:9. Sony SemiPro DCR-VX2100E has a bright LCD display screen of 2.5 Inches (6.4 cms) this makes it user interactive for the users to capture the video.Sony SemiPro DCR VX2100E Handycam 2The other highlighting features of Sony SemiPro DCR-VX2100E are Automotive Gain control, Exposure Control which allows manual iris adjustment, in built microphone (Stereo Electric Condenser) with sensor to automatically determine the wind position, NTSC playback, Memory Stick Slot for expanding the memory, interval recoding for capturing moving images and Guide Frame which provides users step by step guidance on each feature of the Handycam. Sony SemiPro DCR VX2100E Handycam costs Rs.179,990. Bring the new Sony SemiPro DCR-VX2100E and experiences the difference of true life like photography and high quality video recording.

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