Cbox – A Unique Commenting & Chat Widget

Cbox is unique chat widget which can be implemented on blogs or websites so that visitors can chat or comment with the admin or any other visitors. It enables the user to chat and leave message simultaneously. This feature makes Cbox an ideal solution for the website owners who look for an application which offers the advantage of both chatting and tagging options.Cbox - A Unique Commenting & Chat Widget 1
Cbox does not require any complicated plug-ins like Java or Flash for its function. It provides the website owner with the option of choosing the visitors who can use the application.

In addition, this application can also support a number of activities among various users at a same time without compromising the functionality of the application or the website on which it is hosted. Several website owners discover that by offering a chat widget to all those who share a common interest is a best way to group readers collectively and also encourage conversations and increase suggestions over specific area.

People using Cbox find a real-time messaging service. This application allows the user to leave messages that stay visible for a long period of time even after logging out of the application. Users can also use this amazing application as a chat room to engage themselves in live conversation with other members with the same interest.

CBox is also very useful for bloggers as the chat feature on their blog leads to improved reader viewership. This application provides a way for both bloggers and readers to interact more on a personal level. Website owners get an idea about the information people are looking for and which are the best means to satisfy their demands.

It is very easy to place and install Cbox. Website owners can upgrade the premium or paid version which offers additional features with good support options than the CBox free version. The Premium version of Cbox is available at an astonishing low price of $2/month.

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  1. @Krim sensing the responses received for this post, we're thinking of installing a premium cbox on this blog and it'll be on the way soon. Thanks for your concern and keen interest to chat and interact with us. I really appreciate it.

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