Software Development Life Cycle – ( SDLC )

Software development is a set of activities which when performed together in accordance with each other helps to produce the desired result. The software development methodologies are used for computer information system. The growth of the information has to pass through various stages which are together referred as Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

The development of the software is an interactive process and comprises of following identifiable stages:

Software Development Life Cycle - ( SDLC ) 1

Preliminary Investigation, under this stage the real problem of the existing system is identified and several researches are conducted in order to identify the root cause of the problem and ways to solve it. The primary investigation further consist stages like initiating request, Feasibility Analysis and clarification of the request.

System analysis is another vital stage in Software Development Life Cycle, under which existing procedure and information flow is traced and reviewed. The system analysis constitutes definition of the system, separation of system into smaller manageable parts and understanding the nature, function and interrelationship amongst the sub system.

In System Design stage the actual physical system is designed with reference to the logical design by specialists. Under this stage the design process commences by identification of outputs the new or modified system will produce. The analysts and designers make use of automated system design tools or software for creating a tentative design sketch.

Once the appropriate design is selected for the system, the design is send to the development and coding stage for translating it into the machine language. Skilled programmers are hired for the system coding.

Once the software is ready it is send to the testing phase where it is thoroughly tested for any errors and the analyst makes sure that the software does not fail under any conditions. The Testing stage comprises of checking for logical inter-phases, designing test cases, checking the quality of code and its adherence.

The final and vital stage of all is implementation and Evaluation of the system where the user is trained on how to use the new software and check that the application runs smoothly on the actual system without any flaws.

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