Norton Add-ons Incompatible with Firefox 3.5.1

The other day when I was installing Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1, I came to know that both my Norton Add-ons – Norton IPS 1.0 & Norton Toolbar 3.5 are not Compatible with this version of Firefox. Even after using the ‘Check Now’ option for compatible versions, there is no use as no compatible versions are made available by ‘Norton from Symantec’ Norton Add-ons Incompatible in Firefox 3_5_1
Now that’s bad @ Symantec for not being compatible with the latest version of the most widely used browser. Norton Symantec Add-ons disabled in firefox 3.5.1
Anyways, being a bit lazy ‘Norton from Symantec’ woke up late after this issue has been buzzed in the mozilla support forums and provided a Hotfix to enable Norton Toolbar only in Firefox 3.5.1 leaving Norton IPS 1.0 still incompatibleNorton IPS 1.0 incompatible with Firefox
Hope Symantec Corporation takes this as a wake up call and comes with a fix to this issue included in its LiveUpdate soon.
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