Monthly Archive:: July 2009

What are Continuous Inking Systems?

Continuous Inking Systems (CIS) are aftermarket kits for inkjet printers. These systems supply ink to special cartridge through tubes which are connected to the bottles or reservoirs. The user should not worry of the cartridge running dry or about replacing them. The user can ...Read More

What is an NZB file?

The NZB file is the short form for newzbin file with an extension of .nzb; invented the NZB file. The file contains a list of pointers to the parts of the file which the users can download from their ISP’s Usenet server(also referred ...Read More

Sony Vaio VGN-NW13GH

Sony Computers has recently launched a new laptop in their NW series, the Sony Vaio NW13GH which is loaded with amazing features at affordable price. The laptop comes with a Rosy Brown finish which makes it lavish and rich in looks. This slim laptop ...Read More

What is the Blue Ribbon Campaign?

The Blue Ribbon campaign was formed to protect the rights of the bloggers on the internet. This non-profit organization was stated by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in 1990. Blue Ribbon Campaign was formed in order to guard privacy, free speech and consumer rights on ...Read More