Monthly Archive:: July 2009

What is Speech Recognition Software

Speech Recognition Software, often called as automatic speech recognition is a process in which spoken words are converted into machine-readable input. Speech recognition software can be a useful tool in countless applications. This software has found to be vital for college students, translators, executive, ...Read More

Software Development Life Cycle – ( SDLC )

Software development is a set of activities which when performed together in accordance with each other helps to produce the desired result. The software development methodologies are used for computer information system. The growth of the information has to pass through various stages which ...Read More

Cbox – A Unique Commenting & Chat Widget

Cbox is unique chat widget which can be implemented on blogs or websites so that visitors can chat or comment with the admin or any other visitors. It enables the user to chat and leave message simultaneously. This feature makes Cbox an ideal solution ...Read More

What is a KVM Switch?

The KVM switch (abbreviation for keyboard, video or visual display unit, mouse) is a hardware input device that allows the user to exercise control over multiple computer using a single video monitor, mouse and keyboard. There is also another type of KVM switch available ...Read More