Yahoo! Messenger Plugins

Yahoo Messenger Plug-ins are mini programs which are available in Yahoo Messenger. At present Yahoo Messenger plug-ins are accessible only for the computers which are using the Windows operating system. Users should have a registered Yahoo id to access Yahoo Messenger and wide varieties of Plug-ins. Plug-ins are developed by both Yahoo and other third party.

Yahoo! Messenger Plugins 1

There are various sorts of plug-ins which include Yahoo Movie Trailer, Zync, WebEx Co-Browse, WackyB Twitter Sync to name a few.

Yahoo Movie Trailer is an amazing plug-in with the help of which the user can view latest movie trailer by just a simple click. It also offers the user to see the poster of a movie, get show times and much more. In addition, this plug-in boosts Movie Trailer Conversation.

Other amazing Yahoo Messenger Plug-in called Zync that allows the user to view videos together along with their friends in real-time and sync mode. This is a new research prototype from Yahoo Research Berkeley which enhances the overall feature of the messenger. This amazing plug-in also allows the users the watch the video in real time, pause it and jump to certain part of the video.

Twitter-Sync is new plug-in developed by WackyB. The core feature of this new Yahoo Messenger plug-in is that it keeps user Messenger status along with Twitter in synchronization with each other. In addition, user can update Messenger status from anywhere in the world.

Yahoo Messenger Plug-ins are handy applications that can be used in Messenger for enhancing and customizing its features and functionalities. With some wide range of amazing plug-ins from Yahoo the users can get connected with games, news from all over the world, tuned to some great music and do much more. With such amazing plug-ins, Yahoo messenger is not merely a messenger but an overall package of fun and non-stop entertainment.

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