Chat in 9 Indian Languages with Yahoo IndiChat

IndiChat is a most useful Yahoo! Messenger chat plug-in for Indians that can facilitate to send chat messages in 9 Indian languages which includes Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali & Gujarati.Chat in 9 Indian Languages with Yahoo IndiChat 1
Just start IndiChat plug-in and begin typing your phonetic spelling in English to get it instantly converted into the equivalent Unicode in the chosen language. There is a simple conversion table provided for each language which you can make use for correct messaging. Also, you can directly click on the choice of your alphabet from the table provided.
How-To Get Started with Indi Chat
1. Intall IndiChat Plug-in

2. Open chat window of your buddy and goto Plug-ins Manager window either by clicking on the plugin icon on the top left of your chat window (or) from Actions–>Choose a Plugin…Chat in 9 Indian Languages with Yahoo IndiChat 2
3. From the list of Plug-ins find IndiChat and click Start.
Now you can see Yahoo! IndiChat added to your chat window on the right wherein you can type your messages and use the ALT+S keyboard shortcut to send it directly.
Chat in 9 Indian Languages with Yahoo IndiChat 3
Indi-Chat is best viewed on Windows XP and demands service pack 2 for writing in Bengali & Malayalam.

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