How-to Enable Disabled Windows and Controls

Have you ever wondered how to enable and use those disabled windows, grayed out controls & menu options and utilize the full features of any software application you are using?? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place to know about it.

Presenting to you “Windows Enabler” developed by Stephen Hewitt which is a very simple program that can successfully enable all your disabled windows, controls such as buttons & dialog boxes and also your grayed out menu options.

This wonderful program works on almost all the applications but there are also some special cases where in the application may be even smarter than windows Enabler and ignores its commands.

The user interface of Windows Enabler is as simple as the program itself.
How-to Enable Disabled Windows and Controls 1It appears just as an icon in the system tray and can be turned on and off simply by clicking on it. When clicked on it to activate, you can see the word “On” superimposed on the icon when compared to the disabled state where it has no super impositions.

To run windows enabler all you have to do is to Download Windows_Enabler from and execute the “Windows Enabler.exe” file. No installations required and removing it is also as easy as just deleting it from your PC.

When you execute the “Windows Enabler.exe” file it first settles as an icon in your system tray being in disabled mode as shown. Here you can see most of the menu options of our application are grayed out and cannot be used.
How-to Enable Disabled Windows and Controls 2
Now, lets active Windows Enabler by clicking it and check what it can do to the grayed out menu options.How-to Enable Disabled Windows and Controls 3
As you can see, windows enabler has successfully executed its command on audacity and enabled all the grayed out menu options. Now, you can make the full use of the application with all the options enabled but how the software behaves can vary greatly. Some applications may allow you to use the options and some others may crash because of this hacked activity on their application. Nevertheless, you can find Windows Enabler very handy on many applications.

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