Sony Vaio VGN UX50 microPC

Introducing the Sony Vaio VGN UX50 micro PC launched by Sony Corporation. This amazing PC has unique stylish design and eye catching functionality. Don’t go upon its size because it has bundle of outstanding features which makes it simply irresistible for the buyers! Sony Vaio VGN UX50 microPC 1
The Sony Vaio VGN UX50 weighs only 520 grams and has a brilliant display screen of 4.5 inches with a resolution of 1024 x 600.

This portable PC uses a Centrino 1.06 GHz Processor and supports Windows XP Professional as its Operating system. The unique feature of this PC is, in spite of its sleek design and small size it supports additional functions like Bluetooth GPS unit (VGP-BGU1) which makes it an amazing companion on driving

Sony Vaio VGN UX 50 measures only 150mm x 94mm x 32 mm which makes it easy to fit in your hands. It has a brilliant battery backup of 3.5 hours and with additional batteries you can increase its battery backup for up to 7 hours. An unbelievable feature of this handy PC is that it takes only 5 seconds of booting time which is much faster and better than other Sony notebooks.
Sony Vaio VGN UX50 microPC 2Besides the 4.5″ touch panel it has a CF card slot and a finger print scanner for additional security. Wow, Sony has certainly made a big revolution in the history of computers. This irresistible gadget will shoot the market from July 2009 and will cost round $1,800.

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