Fraud Attempt on Hostazar Web Hosting

Part of the R5 Ltd group of websites based in the prestigious Digital Media Centre in South Yorkshire, UK, Hostazar is one of the very affordable web hosting services that offers Web Hosting starter plans for as low as $3.95 per month!

Hostazar Web Hosting logo

But recently it has been struggling with some fraud attempts and some of their customers were also charged by a Fraud paypal address –

If you happen to be their loyal customer, do check your invoice between 1st February to-date and if you have paid to the fraud Paypal address above then immediately complaint at Paypal about fraud order and seek refund.

Sadly Hostazar is suspending the accounts of the customers which have paid to the fraud email address above and not to them. The legitimate Paypal email address of Hostazar to which you have to pay your due invoices ASAP to keep your account from being suspended is

Also, Its always a better practice to confirm with Hostazar about the payment made by opening a support ticket.

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