Troubleshooting NTLDR is Missing Error on Windows Boot Up

NTLDR is Missing is one of the annoying errors on Windows XP, the occurrence of which restricts users from logging into their systems instead displays the following error message on system boot up and often puts the users into an endless boot and restart sequence.

Test Disk

NTLDR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

NTLDR, abbreviated as NT-Loader is a boot loader file essential for loading NT-based operating system and resides in the root folder of a boot volume with standard file system of Windows – NTFS. To load NT-based OS successfully another boot file must also be present in the root folder. If any of these essential system files are removed accidentally, then the stability of your system is compromised leading to errors on system boot up.

The other possible error logs encountered for ‘NTLDR is Missing’ error are as follow:


Error #1516
Partition Improperly Dismounted.
Please refer to the online user guide for instructions on how to resolve this is issue.


Scandisk cannot check this drive now because the disk is not properly formatted, or a program such a disk utility has locked it. Format the disk or wait for the utility to finish and then restart your computer.


System Error. Windows cannot read from drive C:
If this is a network drive, make sure the network is working. If it is a local drive, check the disk.


Drive C is either invalid, not writable, or does not have enough free space

Troubleshooting NTLDR Is Missing Error

For this process you need Windows XP bootable CD from which you’ll have to copy ntldr and boot files into your primary hard disk drive where your Windows OS is installed.

  1. First, to enable boot from CD you need to change the boot priority options under system advanced setup. Depending on your computer manufacturer, press Delete or F5 to get to BIOS Setup Utility and then set the 1st Boot Device in Advanced Setup as CD/DVD. Save and Restart your computer having Windows XP bootable CD in your CD/DVD drive.
  2. On system restart you’ll see an option “Press any key to boot from CD…”, just press any key on your keyboard to load essential files from bootable OS CD. And when the system boots, you are given the options to either restore your XP operating system or run a fresh installation copy. Press “R” to begin the restore process.
  3. To continue with the process of Troubleshooting NTLDR is Missing error, refer How to Fix the NTLDR Is Missing Error step-by-step guide at

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