How to Go to a Chosen Time Position in VLC Media Player

VideoLAN – VLC media player can be attributed as the all-in-one player as it fulfills all your needs and plays every format available. It is my first choice for playing all the media files with the next priority given to Media Player Classic – Home Cinema. The beauty of VLC media player is, it doesn’t require any additional codecs to be installed for playing specific formats as it comes bundled with all the necessary components a media player should posses.

Go to Time option in VLC media player

While playing VLC media player, if you ever wanted to jump directly to a chosen time position, then reach to the bottom right corner of the player where it displays elapsed and remaining time and double-click on it. You’ll be getting a ‘Go to Time’ box where you can specify the time to which you would like to jump. Here’s the YouTube video that shows how to jump to a chosen time position in VLC Media Player.

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  1. There are many useful attributes to the VLC media player including this one. The audio syncing one is of the difficult one to implement. Hope to see a post on it. Good informative post it was.

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