How to Watch TV and Listen to Radio On VLC Media Player

There is no need to buy any expensive software to watch television on your PC, instead you can do that just using your VLC media player. In case you don’t have VLC media player installed on your PC, first download and install it.

Now that you have installed it, do as below:
1. Open VLC media player.

2. From the menu bar go to View –> Playlist… which takes you to Playlist windowVLC media player playlist
3. From the Playlist window menu bar options go to
Manage –> Services Discovery –> then select “Shoutcast TV listings” to Watch TV or “Shoutcast radio listings” to listen to Radio by adding that respective item to your Playlist. VLC media player playlist services discovery shoutcast
4. You will be getting list of channels for each service item from which you can choose your desired one to play for you. To do that just right-click on the channel and click play.VLC media player playlist shoutcast TV_Shoutcast radio

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