Yahoo! MyBlogLog Shutting Down on 24 May 2011 – Yahoo! Pulse Recommended

One of the best known platforms of blogger community for efficient blog-tracking and social networking, Yahoo! MyBlogLog is going to shut down on 24 May 2011 and will no longer be in service after that.MyBlogLog - a Yahoo Service
The exact reasons for pulling off this service are unknown but this seems to be a well thought of move from Yahoo! to recommend and redirect its MyBlogLog users to the uprising and new Yahoo! Pulse.

Yahoo! Pulse Home
Yahoo! Pulse is a recently launched service that allows users to share and see all the latest updates from multiple social media networks like Yahoo!, Facebook and Twitter in one convenient place. The main drawback with using Yahoo! Pulse as an alternative to MyBlogLog is the absence of the stronghold feature of MyBlogLog which being the blog-tracking service. But with Yahoo! Pulse, users can easily create their own identity on Yahoo! to easily connect and engage with people, content and applications.

As MyBlogLog will no longer be in service from 24 May 2011, Yahoo! has suggested some steps to ensure that you save your account information and contacts that are important to you. Though somewhat laborious, following these steps becomes a must if you wanted to save your valuable info and stay in touch with your MyBlogLog contacts.


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