Use Motive Self Care Software to Enjoy Hassle Free BSNL High Speed Broadband Access

This is definitely a good news for all the BSNL Broadband users. BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has made an earnest effort to serve their Broadband customers better with the help of a ‘Self Care Software’ that provides a lot of useful services free of cost and makes high speed broadband access easy and hassle free.

BSNL Broadband

This utility software from BSNL is only applicable for UTStarcom (both Type 1 and Type 2), Nokia Siemens Networks(Type 1 ONLY) and ZTE Modems (both Type 1 and Type 2) supplied by BSNL.

Installing Motive Self Care Software on your PC is the right way to configure and keep your BSNL broadband connection safe that can ensure a better performance.

This Self Care Software also helps you to:

  • Manage your Modem seamlessly
  • Troubleshoot your modem remotely connecting directly to BSNL Customer Care
  • Reconfigure the lost configuration of your Modem and Outlook Express

Works with Windows XP and Vista, the size of this software is 75MB but you can download it anytime as BSNL says that the download will not be accounted in your usage. Also you won’t be charged for using this Self Care Software.

Download MOTIVE Self Care Software

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  • Sorry to say that BSNL Self Care Software is not installing. It stops after throwing a script error by Internet explorer. The message was a confirmation asking for running the script. I clicked yes but no response is there, after waiting 20 minutes I cancelled out. Again I tried but failed with same result. I disable all the Active scripting and java applet dialog boxes in Internet Options>Security>custom level>scripting but no positive result appeared. No suggestion is there for such error. Each time I open my browser and it directs to BBNW Circle bsnl and prompts me to download the package. This is so frustrating. Please help me..

  • many guys are reporting the same problem that BSNL Self Care Software is not installing. Better you download the user manual and follow the step-by-step instructions given there, that might help. Even then if it doesn’t work for you, either call your BSNL technician or ignore the redirect and proceed browsing by opening a new window/tab.

  • can you please tell me where to download bsnl selfcare software for windows 7 os

  • Unfortunately BSNL Self Care Software doesn't support Windows Vista and Windows 7 OS. For more info, head on to

  • I've downloaded that zip file. My concern is that it has a virus/trojan (AVG and some other virus scanners report) and it also has some old software (IE6, and old versions of (MS)Java, etc.) – so I can't trust it. Furthermore, nobody has promised that the hijacking will stop after the install.So I'm not installing it. This software is for newbies.They shouldn't hijack connections like this. Better if they simply ask people who are having trouble to visit the website or distribute it by CD. It should be noted that people would only need to call if they can't access the internet (which means they can't access the BSNL sites either). Distribution on CD makes sense.

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