On-Demand Media Streaming Services – A Challenge to Cable Service Providers or An Opportunity

Mainstream traditional television viewing finally has a rival: on-demand media streaming services. The volume of content available to viewers on the internet has increased manifold. With internet speeds improving all the time, the number of people subscribing to this modern means of entertainment is on the rise. In this situation, the cable service providers are in a fix.

While it is evident that the online audience is going to expand in the near future, they are uncertain regarding the impact it will have. Many of them are perceiving on-demand media streaming services as a direct threat. It offers an alternative to the average viewer. Yet, the full implication of this trend for both cable service providers and cable internet providers cannot be gauged until an analysis is made.

The Factors that Come Into Play

Judging whether on-demand media streaming services are a challenge or an opportunity can only be done when there is a level playing field. If the odds are stacked in favor of one medium, the opinion will be distorted. There are several factors that can be considered when finding the answer to the question. It is better to look at it from angles, the positives and negatives. Only then will a clear conclusion be reached.

The Challenge

Regardless of whether on-demand media streaming services manage to stake major claim in the market share, any competition is a challenge. Hence, it will be a thought at the back of the mind of every cable service provider. They will be aware that the audience has a substitute they can choose if their services are not of the desired level. Cable service providers have to compete against the cable internet providers to retain their stronghold on the market. Otherwise, they may risk losing a major part of their consumer base. There are a number of factors that make it challenging for cable service providers.


The prices charged for on-demand media streaming services are extremely low when compared with the rates charged by cable service providers. The low cost is a major reason why people are being attracted towards online viewing. Though television has lost none of its charm, the economy has tanked, causing people to think about their spending priorities. In this scenario, they are compelled to select the economical options in lieu of a more expensive choice.


One area where on-demand media streaming services have an edge over cable is advertisements. There are far less advertisement breaks online as compared to television, where you have nine minutes worth of ads in every 30-minute program. Advertisements can be irritating because they cause unwanted interruptions. The lack of advertisements is one major reason why the cost of watching your favorite shows online is low.


Last but not the least, on-demand media streaming services enables you to get rid of your television and cable connection. Since you have a computer with internet connection, you have access to on-demand media streaming services 24/7. Get your connection from one of the best cable internet providers to have constant connectivity. You can choose to watch your favorite program at the hour you want. You don’t have to alter your schedule to be free in time for the shows you like to watch. Instead, you can watch them when you please. Combine these three with the elimination of mindless channel surfing and viewers have a wonderful entertainment option.

The Opportunity

Until now, it seems that the future for cable service providers is bleak. On-demand media streaming services holds an edge in several factors. But there is an opportunity here as well. The cable service providers can use the threat of competition to develop and provide better services. The effect of competition is that each business seeks to enhance its product. They can change the challenge into an opportunity by working towards upgrading their services and providing greater value to the customers.


Unless they do so, there is little doubt that on-demand media streaming services are going to run away with a substantial market share. The cable service providers have to view the situation as an opportunity in order to avoid losing their clientele. If they perceive the whole situation as negative, they are bound to lose out to on-demand media streaming services in the near future. It would be the perfect situation for cable internet providers though!

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