Boost Your Productivity While Watching Online Videos Using MySpeed

Sure, it isn’t the first time online videos have been abound, but the proliferation of them happened mainly due to the advent of free video sharing sites like YouTube and Metacafe which has really made the video enthusiasts online to stop and take note. And these days online video is provided for free everywhere covering not only entertainment but wide range of other topics including education, science and technology, language and even adult stuff.

And as you may already know, most of these online free videos are flash based which lets you view and download them in tiny time-frame. But again, there is a a little problem that comes attached with these flash based online video that it kills valuable time if the playback speed is too slow for videos that you can process even at higher speeds than original playback speed and for some other videos especially those like foreign language learning, complex technical, educational, medical, financial or legal material you may want to watch it at a slower speed than the default to learn and grasp the content thoroughly. To overcome this and take complete control over playback speed, the ideal solution one can think as of now is using MySpeed Software from Enounce.

To take you straight to the point in clear way, Enounce MySpeed puts the speed control in your hands by giving you the power to set a playback speed of any flash based online video without any loss of audio/video quality and no chipmunk sounds whatsoever. With the power of speed control in your hand, you can either speed-up video to save time or slow down video to digest, comprehend, remember, learn or take notes. And according to sources, using MySpeed SpeedBar you can change the playback rate of any flash-based video online from 1/3 up to 5 times normal speed with perfect clarity. See a Demo of MySpeed in Action!

And the good news is, you can download and try full version of MySpeed premier absolutely FREE for 7-days. And if you’re impressed with its working, you can order the full version which is inexpensive for the wonderful features it provides. Each copy of MySpeed cost you $29.95 and the premier version that works even for offline video can be grabbed for just $99.95.

Give MySpeed a try and see how much time you can recoup!

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