Swine Flu and Its Impact on India

Impact of swine flu on India, frankly speaking if India get affected the condition may be much worse because developed countries like USA are unable to control its spread that easily. If this kind of problem attacks India the economy of India will get affected and it will be so difficult for the government to maintain the losses.

And here government action is very important as people coming from Mexico and America may spread the infection to India so perfect health checkup should be done at the airports in order to control its spread. Even WHO is taking several measures to identify the easy methods which can control this deadly problem.

Swine-Flu Virus

Some people in India out of fun to create some serious situations and some time with political motive they spread some rumors which will make others worried and feel unsecured so please be aware of those rumors and act accordingly. If you find that some virus affected persons are near by your area it is your responsibility to inform the health centers for the sake of society.

Vaccines are very important to control the spread but in the country like India with billion population the best method is only prevention through basic methods like covering mouth with cloth and following the above mentioned steps to prevent its spread. It is also duty of every citizen in India to educate those people who are unaware and tell them about this problem as lack of knowledge is the main reason why people are easily getting affected to it.

First off all let’s know briefly what swine flu is and how it is caused to the humans. This swine flu is a type of influenza virus usually affecting the pigs but due to the antigenic drifts the virus developed into a deadly one and it started effecting even humans and spreading from humans to humans also.

The symptoms related to the swine flu are:

  • Running nose, cough, throat pain, watery secretions through eyes.
  • Fever, body pains and the recent swine flu infections shows symptoms like motions and vomiting also.

What should we do in order to stay safe from Swine Flu?

  • During cough and sneeze we have to put a cloth to control its spread.
  • After cough or sneeze we have to wash our hands thoroughly.
  • We have to keep distance from those persons who are suffering from swine flu.
  • If it feels that you’re having fever, better be away from the people in order to prevent the spread.
  • Especially the places where everyone usually touch in the offices are doors and phones and we have to see that they are cleaned properly.

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