8 Featured Firefox Extensions/Addons

Tab Badge Firefox Extension

Get this featured add-on created by Geoff Lankow to obtain the respective web services update notification alerts.

8 Featured Firefox Extensions/Addons 1

Even though the tabs have been kept pinned, the Tab Badge is visible showing new updates if any. For example, when kept pinned your twitter account, the number of new Tweets will be displayed in red color. addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-badge/

New Tab King Firefox Extension

If felt bored by using the default blank new tab, then try ‘New Tab King’ add-on. Install the add-on, press ‘+’ button, then appears Tab King with new tab facilities.

Using New Tab King extension for Firefox, your most opened and recently used web services list can be accessed. How many times these sites have been visited will appear as a list and the web services can be kept in thumbnail boxes. Also your favorite background images can be set to tab windows. There is a possibility to do more changes to the tabs, with the help of ‘Configure Option’. addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/new-tab-king/

Click&Clean Firefox Extension

Your browsing history, download history, cookies, cache likewise private data will have to be taken utmost care to save from hacking. Generally you can delete these details with options in tools. The rather easy method for this is using ‘Click&Clean’ add-on. Immediately on installing this add-on, you can remove the history by checking ‘Clear browsing data’. Except active tab window, to close the remaining all tabs there is ‘Clear UI’. You can also close all windows/tabs before cleaning.

8 Featured Firefox Extensions/Addons 2

By preferences option some more facilities can be obtained. There is a possibility to remove Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter browsing history. Further, the installed external applications in the system can also be run. For that select ‘Run external applications’ in the preferences menu and click on ‘Run Now’. addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clickclean/

Personas Rotator Firefox Extension

If you feel bored of viewing one browser color every day, then it is possible with ‘Personas Rotator’ add-on that you can change a theme for every minute.

8 Featured Firefox Extensions/Addons 3

Created by Baris Derin, this Personas Rotator Firefox extension enables you to change over 65000+ skins on your browser in a specific period. Go to options in tool bar, set ‘Rotation Interval Time’ and the personas skins you have will be automatically rotated. To get the skins changed manually, click in the ‘Rotate Next’ option in toolbar. And to get new skins for Firefox automatically, install ‘Personas Plus’ add-on brought to you by Mozilla Labs.

Text to Voice Firefox Extension

Give the power of speech to any text in your Firefox web pages so that any selected text can be read out and you can hear the audio.

On installing the ‘Text to Voice’ add-on for Firefox, a speaker icon will appear in your toolbar which helps you to convert from text to voice. Select any text matter in a web page and click on the speaker button on the bottom right of Firefox window by which it speaks the selected text and audio will be heard. Also you can download the mp3 audio.

Flash Video Downloader – YouTube HD Download [4K]

To download YouTube video there are many download manager tools but instead of wasting the space in the system, installing this small add-ons in your Firefox browser any YouTube video can be downloaded easily. After installing this wonderful Flash Video Downloader add-on, enter YouTube and open any video and voila – you find new download options. Click the download options and you can download the video in different formats available.

Colorific Add-on for Firefox

Changing the colors in web pages to reduce the print cost or monitor power usage is made possible with Colorfic tool installed in your Firefox browser. Using this color extension there is a possibility to change the settings of color inversion, brightness scaling and hue filtering for the entire web pages as required for your various needs.

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