Simple, Best and Must Computer Fixes – Part 2

Generally when the components which are to be in the system are properly installed, the system will start without any problem. For example, if the mouse connection happened to be loose to the system, again it is to be restarted. If we sell an old PC there is a possibility of taking the data in the hard disk. Even-though the data is totally wiped or deleted, there is a possibility of data recovery from hard disk. If there is important data in hard disk, it is better change to new one.

Application Fixing is to be done. In the system many applications or programs are installed. If any error is occurring among them, at first you’ve to try to eliminate those errors. If there is an error in an application, it’s better that application is to be re-installed. If any application is felt heavy to the system which means the application version requires more system requirements, then immediately you’ve to go for a less version software for installation or you’ve increase the RAM and other specifications required for that application to run smoothly. A program may not be installed more than once and you must be more careful particularly in security software otherwise problems will occur.

After changing from Windows XP to Windows 7, some of the old applications may stop functioning in Windows 7. But if you can tweak Windows 7 as old operating system, you can run the applications in Windows 7 the applications which will run in Windows XP.
► First, right-click the application in question and click Troubleshoot Compatibility. Select troubleshoot program at the next prompt, and then check ‘I don’t see my problem listed’ (or choose the actual problem if one is a match). Open the application in XP mode and to run older programs, tell Windows 7 to emulate an earlier OS. The next screen will ask ‘Which version of Windows did this program work on before?’ Try selection Windows XP. Click I don’t see my problem listed or select again the best match. Windows 7 then emulates the older OS that you selected to run the problematic application. Use start the program button to test, and if the program works then click next. If everything worked fine, click yes, save the settings for this program. Otherwise, click No, and try again using different settings to give another shot.

Internet Fixing is to be done. In present days everybody is having internet connection. If net connection is taken through USB drive directly in desktop, at some occasions internet connection may not connect properly. Actually that will be installed automatically and later net connection will be opened. If it does not take place like this then there may be wireless signal problem or problem in USB drive. At times when there is no net connection, immediately you’ve to check the connected cable and better restart the system when the connection are good but the website is not opened.

The system which is being used presently has possessed best configuration then problems will not arise. Suppose if it is to be upgraded, it is to be done according to the configuration it had. You’ve to upgrade RAM, Hard disk and Processor. Any device, before you purchase, you should know the value and also should know about its specifications fully.

Till now you learnt about the problems of computers and advises.
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One should have minimum comprehension about computer system maintenance, data backup, software upgrade, computer protection and internet connection etc is necessary.

Quick Fixes :

Problematic programs must be removed. If any software program is hang or seems frozen in your system, at once such problematic program is to be removed. For that you’ve to step-by-step as detailed below:
► Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Click Start -> Task Manager, click the Processes tab.
To more easily find the offending process, click the memory header to sort by which process is using the most RAM. Chances are your crashed application will be at or near the top of the list (and likely it will be outlook.exe, firefox.exe, setup.exe or iexplorer.exe) | Click the process that had died and click End Process.

Frequently arose balloon popups in Windows 7, here’s the easiest method to disable:
► Type action center in the start menu search box.
Click Change Action center settings.
Un-check the boxes for the categories to be suppressed.
Un-checking everything will suppress all Windows originated popups.

Windows or due to other updates system will reboot automatically. To prevent this you’ve to see at first the updates will be downloaded in manual way instead of getting done automatically. If the software is pirated, message will come stating to install original software or update to the latest version. Doing manual updates is better to keep system out of problems.

Reboot takes place frequently why? The system which is being used, without knowledge if getting reboot, definitely there is a solution for it. Normally in Windows, Automatic Updates will take place through internet. At the time of using internet if you enable Automatic Updates, download and installation of available updates takes place without your knowledge and later reboot will occur. You have to prevent updating of any software out of your knowledge. If is better to keep Automatic Updates in off.
► In windows Vista & Windows 7 first click Start button and in the search box, type ‘ Update’ then press enter key. In the list of results, click Windows Update.
► Click ‘Change the Settings’ option which is on left side. Here better to turn off updates. When needed, ON & Download the required updates. Because of this rebooting will be done, provided you do only.
► In the same way you can keep the Automatic Updates Off or On in Windows XP.


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