Simple, Best and Must Computer Fixes

When any problem arises in your computer and laptop, you can troubleshoot it easily by improving the perception in various topics connecting to your PC like the hardware, software and internet which in-turn speeds up your computer performance considerably.

You may face various types of problems in regard to hardware but when compared, you get more problems in software than hardware. For hardware faults, if warranty is still valid there will not be a problem. If not depending on the problem you have to contact the hardware or computer manufacturer for further assistance.

If laptop is being used, it is to be used in an orderly and safe manner. There is every possibility of breaking down if it is used at irregular places. There were numerous occasions of breakage of LCD screen in laptops. If you’re using laptop @Home, it is to be used directly from power supply because of which battery backup will take place.

According to the system requirements and your necessity, the software is to be installed. Various problems may occur by using high-end software in low-end systems. The simplest and most effective way to restore performance is the make sure that there is not much junk files in the system. Due to this the hard disk space will be saved and also the system or laptop will run speedily.

At present times many will like to use pirated software programs which may contain viruses and worms that can infect the computer system. Using these types of programs and games which give problem to the system is not correct. The programs or games which create problem to the system are to be removed and with this the system is bound to run smoothly without any struck. And why don’t incline towards using free software? The original free software provided by software manufacturer. Therefore, according to you necessity you’ve to know about the freely available software and try to utilize them downloading online.

Even-though computer and internet connection is available, it is not properly used. For example, without any expenses you can make voice and video chatting through Skype. But still many will try to converse over phone. Computers are not properly used by forgetting system maintenance. If the system is maintained properly it will work smoothly. PC users will use their system but will not attend to required small maintenance works. For example, removing of unnecessary junks like memory dumps, history and cookies etc, defragmentation of hard disk drives and using of security software.

You do not utilize keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are close at hand in the computer for every type of work. But many will use mouse straightaway. By using keyboard shortcuts for browsing, preparation of documents, designing etc, the work will be completed speedily and more over very easily.

Why don’t you search online for tech stuff. Now a days, there is plethora of information available online but many will use internet for unnecessary works instead of using it for the above good cause. For example, you can send and receive faxes over the internet without a fax machine using FaxBetter. In the same way, if there are any scanned images with you, they can be converted to text format without typing the data. Text conversion can be done from scanned images without typing by using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology tools.

E-mail messages are also important. In mail-box the important emails in your inbox may be kept un-deleted as those will have their importance at any moment but the big quantity of spam messages that hit your inbox must be deleted otherwise much of the waste and scam emails are accrued in the inbox. You may fall in the online trap of Nigerian email scams which usually offer you millions of dollars. Also, care should be taken doing personal banking transactions. Presently all the banks are providing online banking facilities. In this banking process the secure user data will reach the destiny without user knowledge. So, be careful while on the net and do not give the online banking username and password everywhere but only on trusted sites.

When online you browse various types of websites. Virus may reach your system through some of the websites and so you should be careful. Unwanted messages if any comes, immediately those should be cancelled. You should not try to download any file without knowledge and because of downloading unwanted applications there is every possibility of entering malware (malicious software) into your computer.

You should have proper knowledge about system maintenance. System must have important data and also drivers in a safer way. When in unavoidable circumstances, the system is to be formatted, easily the drivers can be installed. If drivers are not available with you try to download them online. Because of using internet and files coming from outside sources heavily, system will get problems. In this process the Windows will work slowly or the Windows will be corrupted. In such circumstances, Windows will be re-installed. There will not be any problem provided the data backup is taken. Straightaway doing format and partition the Windows software can be installed.

Always note down or take note of error messages that popup. Generally you may ignore the error messages that frequently occur in your Windows system. But for safety of your system, better you first note down those error message that keep bugging you and later you’ve to know the meaning of those messages. There is every possibility to know the meaning and solution to get rid of those errors from net search using error messages. That is why, as said before by knowing the usage of Google Search basic tips and tricks, you can obtain knowledge in a big way.

Nowadays we are getting pen drives or USB flash drive at much lower costs and people are using pen drives instead of CDs/DVDs for data transfer. Through CDs/DVDs the data can be transferred only one time, so these CDs/DVDs are better to be used for data backup purposes and use pen drives only for data transfer. Compared to CDs/DVDs, virus will be transferred more easily through pen drives. Definitely internet security software should be used for maximum time protection against viruses and worms. Data should be accessed or copied to the system only after virus checking the pen drive with the help of an updated antivirus software program.

Organization should be done. File sharing must also be done. The files and folders in the system must be organized time to time. According to file types, the folders are to be created and data is to be stored in a categorical order. If there happened to be large amounts of data you’ve to put into a folder and a note containing data details should be kept in the folder. Due to this you can know the details of the files easily. In the same way you’ve to write the data details on the CDs and DVDs with a marker and by this you can maintain the data very easily.

If PC is not starting after checking the cables, you can identify the problem by the beep sounds coming. According the BIOS, the beep sounds will change. For example, if there is continuous beep sound, fault is with the RAM and if there is no display of any kind, fault is with the motherboard. If power supply is not there in the system, problem is in SMPS of the system unit. For more hardware troubleshooting tips, check out my previous post –

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