Sign-up for FaxBetter to Receive Faxes Over the Internet Without a Fax Machine

Generally to send or receive fax you need a facsimile machine that electronically transmits written documents or graphic material over telephone lines. This conventional way of receiving fax demands costly maintenance of a complicated fax machine (or fax server), separate phone line for faxing and also fax supplies.

Sign-up for FaxBetter to Receive Faxes Over the Internet Without a Fax Machine 1

But now there is a sophisticated way of receiving faxes over the internet without a fax machine. Introducing to you an Internet service that allows you to send and receive faxes over the Internet without a fax line or fax machineFaxBetter

FaxBetter requires neither hardware setup nor software to install and it as easy as email. All you have to do is to first sign up for a FaxBetter account to get a unique TOLL FREE fax number. And when anyone sends fax to this number it is directly mailed to your inbox and appears in your FaxBetter account within minutes.

Also there is no expiration for the fax number assigned to your account, no ads and no setup fee. Its a real money saver that kills your phone bills and it includes many other advantages such as:

  • Secure Faxing that ensures your faxes to be sent directly to your email account instead of laying around on a public fax machine
  • Spam protection to filter scam and spam faxes and block all faxes from unlisted numbers
  • Searchable Faxes using your email search and much more…

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