What’s the Future for Bluetooth Tracking Tags? GK-Chain, Chipolo or XY-Findit

Popular Bluetooth Tracking Tags

CoolCAD Electronics just made my keychain cooler – by making the GK-Chain. GateKeeper Chain (GK-Chain) Bluetooth Tracking Tags The GK-Chain is a versatile Bluetooth Tracking Tag using which you can keep track of your valuables, never leave your phone or keys behind, or auto lock your PC/Mac.

It’s a plastic tracking tag with Bluetooth 4.0 technology inside with multi-function. It works as a locater tag that helps you find your keys. It has an alert function to warn you when you’re moving too far from it. On top of those things, it locks and unlocks your PC through proximity. Just walk up to your computer and your PC unlocks – you won’t have to type in your password anymore.

GK-Chain Bluetooth Tracking Tag on a dog collar

Using GK-Chain you can also keep your loved ones close. For example, keeping a GK-Chain on your dog lets your receive alerts if she wanders too far away. Isn’t that cool?

But these GK-Chains which you can pre-order through kickstarter.com are really not unique. The Chipolo, the XY-Findit, and the PebbleBee, to name some popular Bluetooth Tracking Tag competitors, are all competing for the spots on your keychain – and they all do the same stuff.

So which product will stand up to time? And do we really need all this stuff?

It’s hard to tell – because they all do so many things. The Chipolo isn’t just a tracking Bluetooth tag; it has a thermometer. Why? I’m not really sure – but it’s cool. The PebbleBee saves motion data. Why? I’m not really sure. But man – that is so cool. And the GK-Chain unlocks your PC when you get close – man that’s really cool.

For Bluetooth Tracking Tags, customization is easy – so easy that it might actually become confusing. Just as smartphones currently strive to have the most features, so too will these Bluetooth tags. Soon, you’ll be able to get a Bluetooth tag that turns on your house, unlocks your car, works like a homing device, senses the temperature, plays mp3, has a flashlight, recites poetry etc, and the main problem with so many features is that users might get lost.

In the end, I’m guessing that the most popular Bluetooth Tracking Tags won’t be the ones with the most functions; the most popular ones will be the simplest.

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