With Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker Nothing Will Be Lost

Having Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker is enough, our mobile phone, laptop, pen drive, portable hard disk, keys, wallet, cat, dog not a single one will be lost. Even when anything is lost if we have Chipolo it can be recovered easily.

Track your keys with Chipolo – The world’s loudest Bluetooth tracker that finds everyday items in seconds.
In the speedy lifestyle, sometimes we can’t remember all. We search for car keys which are kept in the bay and when we could not find them, we lose patience and start yelling. Anything left somewhere and forgotten or is lost and not traceable, to find it easily there is very capable Chipolo which works through Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

We can clip Chipolo to any item we use as keychain and it can be connected wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.
Now, using Chipolo we can easily find about the things where those are. We can install the Chipolo mobile application in Android and iOS devices. Very soon Chipolo app is being provided to Windows Phone also.

When once Chipolo is linked to our smartphone, we can locate anything it is clipped to in the radius of 60 meters (200 feet). When we press the button that appears in the Chipolo app installed, special beep sound will come with 100 decibel melody and hearing that sound we can easily search for the lost item. Also using the map in the Chipolo app we can view in our smartphone the exact location of the lost item.

Phone with Chipolo App and Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker
Ring your keys, wallet, anything with Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker. Attach Chipolo to the things you care about and make them ring when you get close. With 100 decibel melody they are easy to hear rooms away.

Suppose if the mobile phone itself is misplaced, then just shake Chipolo or double press Chipolo to make your phone ring. Even if it’s on silent mode the Chipolo app will make your phone ring thus helping you find where you left your phone.

Chipolo is available in 7 attractive colors. Track and locate your keys, wallet, backpack, luggage, or your kid’s favourite toy, using Chipolo Bluetooth Keyfinder available in 7 colors
Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker 7 Colors
Chipolo Bluetooth Keyfinder Available in 7 Colors
Chipolo is provided with an in-built battery which works for 6 months and after that period battery is to be changed. Don’t waste time searching for the item you lost, Chipolo It!

To read more and buy Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker go to chipolo.net or
Chipolo – Bluetooth Item Finder for iPhone and Android on Kickstarter.

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