Get Updated On Your Favorite Topics With Netvibes

In this competitive world, time to time updates is to be done and therefore, we always visit the internet for getting latest updates on various topics. We often bookmark important web platforms and those will be visited regularly for updates. But like this how many bookmarks we can do and visit each of those bookmarks individually? So that, with an easy method all popular web platforms can be linked in one place for which the suitable platform is

netvibes - Dashboard Everything

Becoming members in Netvibes, we have to select the required topics (Technology, Sports, Business etc.). Using Netvibes it becomes very easy to follow all our favorite website and blog updates in one spot. The updates we wanted can be viewed in the form of RSS feeds and widgets. To say the fact, Netvibes is like a ‘Social Media Dashboard’ and it provides analysis in real-time.

Check out the following video tour of Netvibes presented by +Michael Greer


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