Best Free HD Video Converter Factory Review

There are numerous HD video converters on the market which claim to be the most effective video converters and faster. But after using Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, we saved large amount of time while converting videos without compromising the video quality much.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is not merely one tool to convert videos, but it has multiple functions. It is sold with large amount of surprises that may make converting videos much simpler than other video converters available online.

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HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an efficient and safe tool for video/audio converting and editing.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro Features

  • HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports significantly more than 400 video formats to create your videos. Also, supports significantly more than 300 devices to select from and convert the videos to create them fit perfectly on the screen. For instance, it can convert DVD to DivX easily and quickly.
  • Using the built-in compressor, it could downsize the videos up to 5X less size keeping the quality good. The converted videos are nearly indistinguishable from the initial videos.
  • Upscale your videos: HD Video Converter Factory Pro is effective at upscaling your videos from SD to HD resolution using its advanced High-Definition video conversion technology.
  • Built-in Ringtone Studio: This feature enables you to trim any audio file to put it to use as your phone’s ringtone or message tone.

Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Video Customization

  • You can crop videos to get rid of unwanted parts like those black bars or give attention to something important. Trim videos to convert the parts you would like and merge them together and save them to your smartphone.
  • Add effects to your videos like old film, mosaic and more using among the filters provided in the software.

The Best Feature of HD Video Converter Factory Pro

  • The very best feature of the HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the Video Downloader. You are able to directly download videos from any video website like YouTube and convert them right away. You should just copy the URL of this video and paste it in the Add URL field. Click Analyze then Download; HD Video Converter Factory Pro will download and add the video to the conversion list.

Ease of Use

  • HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a lot easier to make use of than any other video converter software on the market. Add videos, select conversion format and click Run, that’s it! The conversion can get started and saved in the default location (or the folder you selected). The Compression Setting slider is the easiest way to truly save more space on your own smartphone or tablet.


  • After using this video converter tool for some time, it gave me great results converting videos. The conversion is faster and accurate; it automatically fixes the audio video sync issue. It supports as much as 10 videos at the same time for conversion, and it’s not only a video conversion tool, it has a number of tools for customizing your videos as you like. An additional features which can help the developers more could be the video upload feature, uploads videos faster without leaving errors.

The HD Video Converter Factory Pro is free to download from the Wonderfox website. To unlock full version and unlock more features, you’ll need to cover $29.95 for the lifetime license. Take a look at the official Wonderfox website( understand more.

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